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The double issue of the Orthodox magazine "Premin" № 29-30 comes out ( 28.10.2005 )

In this issue of Premin (29/30):


JESUS CHRIST TRIUMPHS: the meaning of the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and the significance of the veneration of Christ’s Precious Cross



Civilization and holiness, Sister Macrina:


“Before the Living God history is one, unrepeatable and such as it is. Measuring time before and after Christ means that He is the beginning and the end of all, and also that without Christ there is no history.

This does not apply only to Christianity, but to the whole world, because it does not matter how we the humans will name Him Who said about Himself: I Am Who I Am, and so only within the limits of this identity we can seek ours as well.”


By purchasing this issue of the Premin, you help the construction of the cathedral in Strumica, dedicated to the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God


COMMENTS De Bello Balcanico, or: the way Đorđi Marjanović, LLD; Tito Petkovski; Branko Tričkovski and Katerina Blaževska see the dispute MOC-SOC


Барајте го најпрво Царството Небесно an interview with Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica



“An intellectual or experienced mind is one thing, yet another is an ‘illumined’ mind. Without the mind-and-heart prayer there is no illumination of the mind. Monastics may well function without this gift until they are under the blessing of obedience to a spiritual father, particularly such one who is a bearer of the gift of the mind-and-heart prayer; still, not outside this blessing. A task of the spiritual father who has the gift of the mind-and-heart prayer is to leave heirs, bearers of the same gift…”


From the charity concert of the bend Mizar for the construction of the cathedral in Strumica, dedicated to the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God



Formation of the mind,

Episcope Methodius:


“The senses are gates through which into us enter various kinds of information and sensations. Through them man communicates and comes to know the world around him, yet they help him come to know himself as well.”









“In order to perform the function of a good guard, steward and master of the senses, the mind itself, too, must be purified and illumined... This means primarily acquisition of the habit to pay attention to what our senses do and look after. ... If mind does not have the criterion and the power to respond with wise selectiveness to outer influences, if it does not become a watchful guard before the gates of man’s soul, then this will result in impairment of his spiritual health and intellectual abilities...”



“Science had expelled from nature only the false gods, not the Living and true God. Science had only flattened the road for the devout faith. Science had purged the temple of nature from idols, and in this temple has moved in He Who is worthy of that temple. Science had lightened up the sea depths and the heights of the universe, and had dispersed the abysmal darkness – the light of the science had made vanish all the pseudo-gods, all the creatures big and small human fantasy had filled this world with – still the light of the science had not made darker but it had made even brighter shine the true Maker of nature – the one true God.”


Goran Veličkovski: well-intentioned questions

“Every Sunday I go to the Dračevo church of the Holy Saviour. Dračevo is a Skopje suburb, it has over 30,000 residents, and on God’s day which is Sunday at the Liturgy come not more than some fifty people. Part of them are on a short visit of lighting a candle and they leave after five minutes. In percents, less than 0.2% are in the Temple. Should this worry us?”



Metropolitan of Pergamon, John D. Zizioulas: Community and Difference in the Fallen State

“The essence of sin is fear of the Other one, and fear is one of the reasons of that rejection.

Reconciliation with God is unavoidable precondition to reconcile with any “other” (man).”


Janko Ilkovski: TWO PERCENTS

“The beginning of the sixties is a time of great sobering up of the young in the western civilization and of the latter’s mass search after the lost values. …A time in which the teenagers because of their excesses and escapades, which suit their age, ended up in mental institutions, locked, under torture, medicaments and brain-wash, sent there by their own parents.

…The Americans, a bit more broad-minded in that time, were among the first rebels, without or with a reason, it was the first generation that stopped believing in the post-war stories of the country’s golden age and in the slimy Hollywood mind deceptions. The young generation realized the hypocrisy of their parents who had been getting the country into debts all the more and thrown it into a military atomic race with apparent scenario for a nuclear holocaust.

…Panic was the reaction of the establishment that could not find a way and form to cope with a movement which did not have an organizational structure and hierarchy, did not have a statute, program, nor rules to apply for a membership, and was accepted by millions on a massive scale. A time of peace and love among them or a search after them, something completely normal for human nature.”



Ismail Bardi




Kur e shikojmë Krishtin ashtu siç Është, fillojmë të shihemi vetë, të vetëdijësohemi sa mëkatarë të mëdhej dhe të mjerë jemi dhe të qajmë në vetvete. Dashuria për të gjithë botën lind sipas masave të qarrjes sonë. Ndalojnë ndarjet! Te gjithë jemi një tek Krishti! 


Vetëm kur do të na ndriçojë drita e Krishtit mund t'i shikojmë mëkatet tona. Nëpërmjet lutjeve zemra jonë fillon dalngadalë t'i përfshijë veprimet e shpirtrave që e mbushin botën. Në vend që të përparojmë, i shikojmë gjithnjë e me më shumë qartësi pasionet që na rrëmbejnë. Në mënyrë paradoksale, kjo ndjenjë e mospërparimit është përparim. Edhe pse akoma nuk e kemi parë Dritën e pakrijueshme të Zotit, nëpërmjet saj i shikojmë mëkatet tona. 

Elder Sophrony: WORDS OF LIFE


When we see Christ as He is, we begin to see ourselves, to realise what great and miserable sinners we are, to lament over ourselves. Love for the whole world is born to the degree that our lamentation grows. Divisions cease. We are all one in Christ.


Only divine light, when it shines in us, allows us to see our sins. It is by prayer that our heart begins, little by little, to understand the influences of the spirits which fill the cosmos. Instead of making progress, we see with an ever greater acuteness the passions which possess us. Paradoxically, this feeling that there is no progress is itself progress. Even if we have not yet seen the uncreated light of God, it is by this light that we see our sins.


Brief accounts of the Lives of the Saints

For the period from the Exaltation of the Holy Cross until the Assembly of the Holy Archangel Michael