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Announcement from the office of the Holy Synod of Hierarchs of the Macedonian Orthodox Church ( 11.03.2006 )

The Holy Bishop's Synod (HBS) of the Macedonian Orthodox Church (MOC) has received information and a document which undoubtedly prove the involvement of the Government of Republic of Serbia in the Vraniskovski case. It testifies about their cooperation and that the Serbian propaganda against the Macedonian Orthodox Church is active in the Republic of Macedonia.

It was clear to all the members of the Synod, all the clerics and monks, as well as to the Orthodox faithful and to all truth-loving, justice-loving and patriotic people that Vraniskovski's actions are pure foreign propaganda and serve foreign interests. Not it has been proven with actual documents for payments made from the public funds of the Republic of Serbia, from the Ministry of Religion, for the needs of Vraniskovski and his people. How else would they have had means for existence and behaved so arrogantly if they did not spend foreign funds?

Is this not direct foreign interference in our country's and Church's interests?

Is this not involvement of a foreign country and acting against our national integrity and sovereignty?

Has the time for paying propaganda in foreign countries not passed?

Is this not Serbia's reaching for Macedonia and new manifestation of the Greater Serbia imperialism?

Is this allowed by the principle of good relations between neighbors and non-involvement of the state of Serbia with Church matters, as they usually proclaim?

Does this not mean that the Serbian state and church propaganda is acting through abuse of religion and the Church?

It is now clear, it is even more than clear, whose "church" is the one that the Serbian state and the Serbian Church are trying to organize in our country through the Macedonian traitors and alienated servants of foreign interests in the Republic of Macedonia.

This clearly shows who is paying Vraniskovski and his people - whose money they spend and whose work they do!

It is more than obvious that they receive monthly payments from the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and the price for which they have accepted the role of alienators of the Macedonian people speaks that they would be prepared for even more, for a higher price!

Are we not a separate, sovereign and independent nation and Church, to let such acts happen to us in this 21st century? 

Therefore, we ask of the national Government of the Republic of Macedonia to examine all the abuses, arrogant interferences, influences and ways of involvement and acting of the Serbian state in the order and stability of the Republic of Macedonia.

We ask of the national bodies of our Fatherland, the Republic of Macedonia, to discover all the channels for entrance of foreign state's funds for acts against the Republic of Macedonia and the Macedonian Orthodox Church.

To the Government and the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Serbia, on the other hand, we send a message not to waste the money gathered from the poor Serbian people on senseless projects and on traitorous characters in foreign countries, and not to place their hopes on persons who have turned their backs their own, because they will turn their backs on them even quicker.

The Republic of Serbia could spend that money for building churches or monasteries in Serbia, they could help their clerics and faithful people, because Serbia does not have money to waste in these poor times for the Serbian people.

Finally, the Holy Bishop's Synod of the Macedonian Orthodox Church appeals for an end of such activities and for a beginning of development of true brotherly, neighborly, friendly and Evangelical relationship, with dignity and in the spirit of true brotherly love, which is a manifestation of true love of God. That is the way that the Churches will develop in the Evangelical spirit, and the countries that are knocking on the doors of Europe in the European spirit.

The Macedonian Orthodox Church is now left to prove her truth with Christian means, having in mind that the Macedonian people should be preserved from estrangement, because it is the main reason for the centuries long crucifixion of the Macedonians.





[Coat of arms of the Republic of Serbia]


Republic of Serbia

Ministry of Religion

No. 401-00-70/2006-01

Date: 27.01.2006








Archbishop kyr Jovan


Your Excellence,


We inform you that with the ministerial Decision No. 401-00-70/2006-01 from 24 January 2006, 500.000,00 dinars have been transferred to the giro account of the Diocese Managing Board of the Orthodox Diocese of Vranje. The aforementioned funds are dedicated for the Autonomous Orthodox Archbishopric of Ohrid as a subvention for the clerics and the monks for the month of January 2006.


With deepest respect,



m.l. (signature illegible)

Milan Radulovic, Ph. D.

[illegible round seal]