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C O M M U N I Q U E ( 16.10.2006 )

The Holy Synod of Hierarchs of the Macedonian Orthodox Church at its regular session, held on 12 October 2006, along with reviewing regular acts within the scope of its activity, decided in the following year to start functioning according to its Constitution, in full composition and as a working group. The standing Synod will consist of His Beatitude Archbishop Stephen of Ohrid and Macedonia and four metropolitans. The full Synod is to convene twice a year and will be composed of all the hierarchs in the Macedonian Orthodox Church.

            The Holy Synod of Hierarchs carefully deliberated the communiqué of the Holy Assembly of Hierarchs of the Serbian Orthodox Church and seriously considers restoring the contacts between the two Churches, and will inform on this the other local Orthodox Churches.

            Since the following year marks the 40th anniversary from the restoration of the autocephalous status of the Ohrid Archdiocese as The Macedonian Orthodox Church, the Holy Synod of Hierarchs decided to hold the central celebration in Ohrid, on 14 and 15 July 2007.

            The Holy Synod of Hierarchs also reviewed the financial standing of the educational institutions in the Macedonian Orthodox Church and concluded working out possible solutions to overcome the difficult situation in the Macedonian Orthodox Seminary and Orthodox Faculty of Theology.

            The Synod confirmed the scheduled dates for the enthronements of H.E. Poemen as Metropolitan of Europe on 12 November 2006 in Malmё (Sweden) and of H.E. Hilarion as Metropolitan of Bregalnica on 19 November 2006 in Štip.