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The Snail’s Method ( 14.02.2007 )

These days, information has been published on the website of the Serbian Orthodox Church, taken from the website of the so-called Orthodox Archdiocese of Ohrid (OAO), in which they claim that certain bishop of theirs has been beaten up and driven out of the cemetery in Bitola, the Republic of Macedonia. This is yet another barefaced lie and misinformation in the series of lies and half-truth that have constantly been spread through such websites throughout the Orthodox world, to the detriment of the reputation of the Macedonian Orthodox Church and of entire church unity.

            According to the testimony of people present at the scene, confirmed even by members of the so-called OAO, we know that on the part of the security firm and the police there has not been applied any physical force against the cleric of the Serbian exarchate, except that he has been driven out of the cemetery property of the church of Saint Domenica in Bitola. As it is well-known, these people are forbidden access or any performance of religious rite on the property of the Macedonian Orthodox Church. For trespass on another’s property, people caught at the scene had even been detained.

            The goal of such barefaced lies and misinformation, which regularly come from the partisans of the desperate exarchate, is to hinder and stop the inter-ecclesiastical dialogue between the Macedonian Orthodox Church and the Serbian Orthodox Church, and by that to prolong the inter-ecclesiastical dispute to no end. Certainly, such state of affairs is beneficial only to the people that spread such lies and half-truth, who in this way wish to maintain or improve their positions in the para-ecclesiastical structure and before the Serbian Orthodox Church. However, they have already been taped by all the Local Orthodox Churches, and also on Mount Athos.

            It goes without saying, woe to us!, first and foremost before God, if this news were the truth. Yet, if it were, we would have by all means seen it photo-documented, both by means of medical and police evidence, and sent to all influential figures in the world. It would have been crying, lamenting and proving themselves throughout the whole Orthodoxy. We have seen them earlier with the house in Dračevo.

            But this is the manner in which the snail gets to the top, by dribble. Well then, have a nice journey, brother – editor of the website of the traitorous para-ecclesiastical structure. Only, you have betrayed Christ the Lord, not us…

from the editorial staff of the official website of the

Macedonian Orthodox Church