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Consecration of a panel with the text of the prayer “Our Father” in Macedonian language ( 14.12.2008 )

The Head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church His Beautitude Stefan with his concelebrant the Most Rerverend Metropolitan of Povardarie Agathangelus and other priests of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, today, in Jerusalem consecrated the carved stone with the text of the Lord’s prayer in Macedonian language.

The Carmelitan monastery which is situated on the Mount of Olives, by now has 161 written panels in different languages and the one with the Macedonian language is the 155th in the order. The text is also written in Macedonian language and only in other six languages for people with sight disorder. Let us remind that this event takes place in the year announced as the year of the Macedonian language.

The celebration was attended by the President of the Comission for interlateral relationships between the religious communities and groups in the Republic of Macedonia Mr. Zvonko Mucunski, the chief executive in the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Israel Mr. Pajo Avirovic, as well as representatives of the monastery and faithful from Macedonia.

During its stay, the high church delegation made a pilgramage to large number of holy places in Jerusalem and in the Holy Land. Few unofficial meetings were also realized. At this occasion, His Beautitude the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia Stefan, together with the other members of the delegation from Macedonia, visited the recently opened Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Tel Aviv.