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The Book “Fragments” by Bishop of Heraklea Clement ( 29.12.2008 )

The book “Fragments” of Bishop of Heraklea Clement, which was edited nowadays by “Templum”, is an impressive, readable and polemically based contribution to temporary history and to the thiny sociological and spiritual moment. In about 30 notes such as interviews, talks, letters and sermons, which were recorded in the Macedonian printed and electronic media between the years 2004 and 2008, Bishop Clement expresses not only his brave teological attitudes and viewpoints, but offers a very important direction to the newest process of the renewal of the monasticism in Macedonia, that brought to the redefining of the spirituality in these transition times. Decorated in a specific and stratified multi-genre language, which directs not only to the theological references but to the current needs, weaknesses and valuations of the modern human being in the Macedonian society, Bishop Clement opens a different horizon in the reception and meaning of the faith in God and spirituality. Through his pastoral and devoted view, on the palm of the hand we get the most important aspects of all the factors of the society. He is always inspirationally precise in the metaphors correlated to our reality, bravely emphasising all their virtues and weaknesses, in his thoughts and expressions. His analyses are rich in tropes and style figures. Just his literal gift is maybe the thing, which gives a special character to this book.

In the preface to this book father Nikola Trajkovski, abbot of the St. Nicolas Monastery from Mariovo, notices: “The Biblical and Holy Father’s semantics, the colour of a personal spiritual experience in a concrete space and time, the possibilities of the figurative speech in the creativity and thinking of the Macedonian people make the recognisable discourse of Bishop Clement. It’s obvious that his authentic poetry, the relation to the word and mind is tended and overcome through all stairs in a search for own spiritual and national identity. I believe that the most of readers will not meet for the first time with a specific language, which even in the creative act is helped by the power of the synergy and communication.

However, the language of the person who tasted the untellable in prayer, is somewhat different: It’s a language, of a person who stands in front of the Living God and in front of the close one. It’s a language which is skillful not to seduce but to belong, which is not caught in the chains of individuality or is not closed in chains of individualism, which is not burdened with the risk of human-indulgence. Certainly, it’s one of the reasons that even a classic interview for such a talker can become a creation challenge. In “Fragments” we find attitudes that offer a deeply endured exegesis of the spiritual conditions that experiences a Macedonian in our time.”


Report: Publishing House  „Templum“