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Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy in Negotino ( 30.01.2009 )

A Divine Liturgy was celebrated at the day of January the 25th – Sunday, in the Monastery of St. George. The Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia Stephen together with Metropolitan of Povardarie Agathangel and Metropolitan of Kicevo and Debar Timothy, firstly sanctified the new fresco-painting in the church, donated by the vinery “Bovin”, and then celebrated the Divine Liturgy. After the Divine Liturgy service, the Archbishop accompanied by the Metropolitans sanctified the bells-tower in the yard of the church. Metropolitan of Povardarie Agathangel then awarded Letters of Gratitude to the vinery “Bovin”, the construction company “Gradba” and to Mr. Vladimir Gjorcev, for their help of the monastery St. George in Negotino.  







Source: Diocese of  Povardarie