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Bishop of Heraclea Clement graduated M. A. Degree at the Faculty of Philosophy ( 06.05.2009 )

At May the 5th, this year, in the festive hall of the Faculty of Philosophy of the “St. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje, the Bishop of Heraclea Clement got the M. A. Degree, defending his thesis titled as: The Zrze Hesychasterion” (Hesychasm – the way of life of the Zrze Monastery monks in the 14th and 15th century). The professorship of classical studies got a new promoted M.A. in the field of Byzantine Science in this occasion (the program of Byzantine Culture) and the suggested work gives the opportunity of an explicit and scientific approach through multi-disciplinary discourse to understand and explain the historic appearances of the hesychastic movement in Macedonia.

The President of the commission for Degree Work defence professor Vera Georgieva Ph.D., supported by the mentor, prof. Vitomir Mitevski Ph.D. and the Academy member Peter Hristov Ilievski Ph.D., concluded that this work presents a significant contribution to the scientific public from many reasons. First, the specific methodological approach shows that this is a noteworthy work, which can be valued as a unique effort for interdisciplinary approach of the subject of hesychasm, in Macedonia. On the other hand, in the content plan a rich corpus is presented, including philological, historical, philosophic, theological, iconological, and cultural aspects in which the hesychastic matrix of the Zrze middle age monastic order is observed. In that manner, the work of Bishop Clement presents a genuine model, useful for the whole middle age Christian culture in Macedonia.


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