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Archbishop Stephan: Saint Cyril and Methodius are the Spiritual Fortress of the Macedonian name, identity, culture and history ( 25.05.2009 )

This year, Macedonia celebrates for the 42nd time the Holy name of Saint Cyril in Saint Clemente Basilica in Rome. The President of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. George Ivanov lead the Macedonian Church-State delegation.

The Head of Macedonian Orthodox Church, Archbishop Stephan, has served a Supplicant Prayer at the grave of St. Cyril at Saint Clemente Basilica in Rome, where the body of blessed straight-apostle rests in peace for 1140 years. The Prayer took place at the day of May, the 24th, on the celebration of the Saint Cyril and Methodius Day. Metropolitan of the Debar-Kicevo Diocese – Timothy, Bishop of Heraclea Diocese – Clement, and Archimandrite Nectarion were co-serving the Prayer with Archbishop Stephen.