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The new book of the Metropolitan of America and Canada Methodius conferred ( 19.06.2009 )

The Anthology with exegetic sermons named “Cascades” authored by His Eminence Metropolitan of America and Canada Methodius (Zlatanov) and in edition of the publication centre “Three”, has been presented last Wednesday, starting at 20.30, in the Cultural Informative Centre in Skopje.


The orations in this collection, which is the newest publication of Father Methodius, in their essence continue the historical approach of the Macedonian oratory genre starting with the very beginnings of the Slav literacy and from the times of the Saint Clement and Nahum, Ohrid’s Miracle makers.


However, the sermon of Father Methodius doesn’t strictly obey the Byzantine Homiletic form. It doesn’t appear only from the dull, abstract, and scientific ecclesiology, neither is it pretentiously mannerist, but is sprinkled by his own long-years spiritual struggle and preachers experience. These orations are a synergy of his top intellectual improvement and the twinkle of his cordial prayer. They are very close to the pragmatic rhetoric’s of St. John the Chrysostom in their inner structure, because with real and specific words encircle the eternal truths of the Gospel, and the every-day problems of the contemporary Christian, as well.


This books presents a record of the moral sermonic speeches that have been told during the Sunday and Holiday Services to God (Celebrations) of the faithful Christian people in the crammed temple of St. George in Skopje’s village Krividol.

In a form of interpretation of the Gospels that are read during the Divine Liturgy, these sermons are a source of a fastidious spiritual inspiration, and a lighthouse in customary reading of the Biblical literature.


The presenters of the Anthology “Cascades” were Nun Sinklitikija and Darko Petrovski.









Informs: Kalina Trpeska