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The Saint Nahum from Ohrid Feast Celebration in Ohrid ( 08.07.2009 )

The feast that was dedicated to Saint Nahum the Miracle maker from Ohrid, has been celebrated in a festive manner in Debar and Kichevo Diocese. The celebration took place in the Monastery of Saint Nahum, located at the southern coast of Ohrid Lake. The Festive Evening Celebration started at 7.00 PM on July the 2nd. Metropolitan of Povardarie Diocese, Agathangel in co-service with Archimandrite Nectarius, Prior of the Monastery, Archimandrite Parthenius from the Saint John the Baptist Bigorski Monastery, and other numerous priests from the Diocese has served the Evening Celebration Service. At the end of the Celebration Service, Metropolitan Agathangel spoke to the present faithful people in an inspirational sermon. Thousand of believers came to pray and bow at the grave of the Great miracle maker from Ohrid, as they traditionally come every year. The next day, starting at 7.30 AM, the priests began the Feast Morning Celebration, and at 9.00 AM, the Divine Liturgy has been celebrated. Metropolitan of Debar and Kichevo Diocese Timothy lead the Liturgy, accompanied by Metropolitan Agathangel, Archimandrite Nectarius, Archimandrite Parthenius, Archpriest Eftim Betinski, Archpriest Todi John from the Albanian Orthodox Church, Priest Zoran Dinev, Hieromonk Dositej and the deacons Dimce Azeski, Nikolce Gjurgjinovski and Vasko Golabovski.

The faithful people, who prepared themselves for this holiday by fasting, approach then to the Holy Chalice and received the Communion with the Flesh and Body of our Saviour Jesus Christ our Lord. After the end of the Divine Liturgy the Archpriests and Priests came out in the yard of the Monastery assembling a short bless water, sanctified and broke the celebration breads and blessed the mosaic of St. Nahum. Metropolitan Timothy spoke to the people in a celebration sermon. 

















Source: Diocese of Debar and Kichevo