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Monks need conditions for life in St. John the Baptist Bigorski Monastery ( 1.10.2009 )

Debar, October, the 1st, 2009; (MIA)


At today’s extraordinary Session of the Holy Synod of the MOC, held in the St. John the Baptist Bigorski Monastery, in which Archbishops Cyril, Agathanghel, Timothy, Clement, Peter and Nahum and the Archbishop of the MOC Stephan were present, a debate about the condition in the Monastery and about the aid needed to the Monastery Brotherhood.


The spokesman of the Macedonian Orthodox Church and Metropolitan of Debar and Kicevo Diocese, Archbishop Timotej accented after the session that in the moment is the most important that decent conditions for Monastery’s life to the monks have to be afforded.


-          In the moment we must provide normal living conditions for the monks in the Monastery. We are glad to see that help arrives from everywhere, which we endlessly appreciate, stated Archbishop Timotej, accenting the support coming from the Government of the country and President Ivanov, the Islamic Religion Community and many companies which donated food and other necessary stuff for the monks of the Monastery.


In the days to come we will consider all the possibilities for starting the construction of the complex of buildings for normal life of the monks. All Dioceses took their full responsibility to provide funds and other resources for renewing of the Monastery complex suffered the fire.


Source: MIA