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Performance of the Oratorio “Passions by Mathew” of Archbishop Hillarion (Alfeev) in Skopje ( 07.12.2009 )

At December the 7th 2009, in the occasion of the patron’s feast of the originator of the Macedonian Orthodox Church and our literacy – Saint Clement of Ohrid the Miracle maker, in the Centre of the Macedonian Army in Skopje, and with the Oratorio “Passions by Mathew” of Archbishop Hillarion (Alfeev) from the Russian Orthodox Church,  performed by the Macedonian Philharmony, started the celebration of the memorial of Saint Clement of Ohrid.

Archbishop of Ohrid and the all Macedonia HB Stefan, deputy president of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Russian Orthodox Church archpriest Nikolai Balashov, the Hierarchs of the Macedonian Orthodox Church,  President of the Republic of Macedonia Mr. George Ivanov, the President of the Macedonian Parliament, representatives of the Government and the Parliament of Macedonia, Macedonian Academy of Art and Science, and representatives of the diplomatic cord in Skopje has been present on the celebration.

Archbishop Hillarion (Alfeev) has written the Oratorio in 2006, and it was performed in many different cities all over the world.













Reports: Kalina Trpeska