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Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy in St. Nahum Monastery in Ohrid ( 18.12.2009 )

The Holy Orthodox Church at 18th December celebrates the great struggler, the Venerable Father Nektarios from Bitola. A festive Vespers has been served in the Monastery, at the evening of December the 17th, in the occasion of the name-day of the prior of the St. Nahum’s monastery.  Metropolitan of Povardarie Agathangel associated by prior archimandrite Nektarios has celebrated the Vespers.

The competent diocese Bishop, Metropolitan Timotej, archpriest-stavrophor Eftim Betinski who is archpriest’s regent of Ohrid and priest Dimce Gorgieski, the town parish priest in common have divided the festive bread.

Today, beginning at 7.30 started the Matins with a Liturgy which was celebrated by His Eminence Metropolitan of Debar and Kicevo Diocese Timotej, in co-celebration with Metropolitan of Povardarie       

Agathangel, Archimandrite Nektarios, hieromonk Joseph, hieromonk Gregory and deacons Dimce Azeski and Nikolce Gjurginoski.

Let your name-day be honored and let Christ be in our midst for many years High Reverend Father!