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Christ is risen! ( 03.05.2005 )




“Raise your eyes, Scion, have a look around, all have drawn near you as a divine-radiant light, from the West and the North, from the seas, and your children in the East, blessing Christ in you unto the ages.”




















The preparations of the spiritual children of the Macedonian Orthodox Church during the Great Lent in Zagreb from the Holy Thursday of the Passionate week acquired a genuine eucharistic fullness of the worship services by which they welcomed the day of the glorious Resurrection of Christ. Their Christ-loving yearning tasted an immense joy in the Communion with the Holy Mysteries on the day of the Godman’s Resurrection. These days a Paschal Divine Liturgy in church-Slavonic with the Macedonian language is performed also in the other major cities in Croatia. Christ is Risen!







“This is the promised and holy day, the only Sabbath—the King and the Lord, the feast of feasts and holiday of holidays, for it we bless Christ unto the ages.”











“The King of all creation, becoming man dwelt in Your divine-graceful womb, and having suffered crucifixion and death, rose godly raising us as well as all-mighty – O Sovereign Lady, Mother of God!”


“Christ is the new pascha, living sacrifice, Lamb of God, taking the sins of the world.”