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Christ’s Resurrection ( 04.05.2005 )

“Now all are filled with light, the heaven and earth and the underground, and all created celebrates

the Resurrection of Christ, and in it is fortified.”


 Shine New Jerusalem!






On Plaošnik, in the church of Saint Clement of Ohrid and of the Holy Great-martyr Panteleimon, on the night of Christ’s Resurrection, Metropolitan Timothy of Debar, Kičevo, and Plaošnik performed the Paschal Matins and Divine Liturgy together with his clergy. A multitude of faithful from Ohrid and numberless other parts of the country approached to receive the light of Christ’s Resurrection that at midnight shone in the hand of Christ’s Hierarch, while the clergy and the devout people in the many churches in Ohrid and throughout the diocese with inexpressible joy celebrated the greatest feast on earth.






The following morning, by the custom in the churches and the monasteries of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, at the Vespers on the second festive day, as an expression of the trinitarian graceful unity in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church with all the Orthodox Christians and with all the local sisterly Orthodox Churches in the world, the Gospel reading of the day in the Holy Sophia cathedral in Ohrid was read in the many languages of the various peoples.


“Let the heavens worthily exult, let the earth rejoice, let the world visible and invisible celebrate, Christ is risen, a joy that is timeless!”