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Rajčica on the day of the Holy Great-martyr George ( 07.05.2005 )

“You Are a spring of the truly living water, O Sovereign Lady, the bitter diseases You wash of our souls and bodies with Your mere touch, Christ, the water of salvation You pour out.”


“Higher than the heavens the water of Your spring did rise and the streams of earthly abysses it surpassed; this is food for the soul, drink for the faithful, honey for the stones, and manna granted to all.”








At the Vespers in honour of the Holy Great-martyr George in the monastery dedicated to him in Rajčica, Metropolitan Timothy of Debar, Kičevo, and Plaošnik tonsured into the Little Schema two novices of its monastic sisterhood. At the tonsure in the presence of the monastery Elder—the archimandrite Parthenius, the archimandrite Nectarius of Saint Naum of Ohrid’s monastery, the Bigorski monastic brotherhood, the numerous clergy of the dioceses of Debar and Kičevo and Povardarie, as well as the other numberless guests, the sisters were given the monastic names Kiriaki and Anastasia.










The partakers of the two tonsures, after a short rest and having tasted of the served common meal, went to a small Vigil in the church of the Holy Great-martyr George, venerating with Divine awe the Saint’s holy relics and praising him with psalmody. Inspired by the double feast and led by the noble desire the newly enlisted sisters in the angelic monastic rank to become truly sacred offering before God and numbered in the choir of the noble virgins of the Most Holy Mother of God, in Rajčica they continued with the worship services together with the clergy, the monastics and the devout people.











The following morning, to the glory of the Most Holy Theotokos and the Patron-Saint, with the arrival of the Most Reverend Timothy in the monastery, the Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy began. After the Liturgy the fathers performed Blessing of waters.


















“All the waters does exceed, Most Pure Virgin, the water of Your spring, that from bitter diseases gives liberation and grants all health to souls, pouring forth on nature.”  


“You who seek health run towards the spring, the Little Virgin by the water lives, exult and rejoice faithful flock, as it is befitting—come to the shrine, receive the respond to your pleading.