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Exarchy to Meet with 3-Member Committee ( 07.05.2005 )

The Ecumenical Patriarchate Exarchy will meet with the three-member Committee that has temporarily taken over the administration of the Jerusalem Patriarchate, following the renouncement of Patriarch Eirinaios by 13 members of the Synod. Late on Friday night, following the convocation of the Holy Synod, the three-member committee sent a letter containing the decision of the Synod to oust Mr Eirinaios to the governments of Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Authority. In the meantime, as per NET reporter Panos Charitos, Mr Eirinaios remains at his home, guarded by four Israeli police officers and his security men, and refuses to resign. Actually, the Fanar Exarchy visited him at his home and talked to him for a few minutes, without reaching any specific outcomes, though. At the same time, entrance to the Jerusalem Patriarchate has been allowed once again, following the decision of the Hierarchs and Holy Sepulchre members to terminate the takeover they had proceeded with since Friday afternoon. On Monday, the three-member committee will brief the Holy Sepulchre brotherhood during a meeting that will take place at the Patriarchate.

Continuous Meetings at Greek Foreign Ministry

At the same time, Athens is closely monitoring the latest developments at the Patriarchate, while there is an open line of communication between the government and Greek Consulate in Jerusalem, as well as all the parties involved in the situation.

Deputy Minister Panagiotis Skandalakis held successive meetings on the matter this morning at the Greek Foreign Ministry. As per diplomatic sources, the developments at the Jerusalem Patriarchate should not lead to hasty decisions, since the laws binding the existence and operations of the Patriarchate are quite complicated and are based on both international and bilateral agreements.


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