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CHRIST IS RISEN! ( 10.05.2005 )


Chris est ressuScité!






angel proclaimed to the Graceful One, ‘Most Pure Virgin, rejoice, and again I shall say—rejoice!’ Your Son rose three-day from the grave and raised the dead, exult all people!’


The Passionate week celebrations as well as the ones of Christ’s Resurrection for the spiritual children of the Macedonian Orthodox Church in Paris passed in worship services in the church of Saints Methodius and Cyril, where the newly elected episcope of Poljana, Fr Poemen, officiates and assists those who embark on the struggle of purification of the heart to set the spiritual beginning. Particularly on the great days around the Resurrection, a remarkable number of newly arrived faithful for their spiritual needs turned to the church of Saints Methodius and Cyril (58 bis, rue Jules Auffret, 93500 Pantin, Paris), whose eucharistic community joyously experiences the more significant inspiration of the initial grace and its first apparent growth.






You, the incarnate Saviour Christ, inseparable from the heavens, we magnify with sounds of songs, for You took upon Yourself cross and death for our sake, since a philanthroper Lord, Who destroyed the door of hell, and rose on the third day, saving our souls.