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According to his yesterday’s statement, Mr Eirinaios will attend the Pan-Orthodox Synod in Phanar as a Patriarch ( 19.05.2005 )

Tensions continue to run high in Jerusalem, just five days before the Synod of the 14 Orthodox Church provosts in Istanbul, aiming at finding a solution to the problems that are plaguing the Patriarchate. Holy Sepulchre clerics are guarding the entrance to the Patriarchate around the clock, in an effort to prevent Patriarch Eirinaios from attempting to reenter. Disgraceful incidents took place yesterday in the Holy Land. Unallowable abusive language and clashes followed yesterday’s unsuccessful attempt by Archimandrites siding with renounced Eirinaios to enter the throne room. The Archimandrites tried to trespass the building with the help of a locksmith and the Israeli police. In the meantime, two members of the Patriarchate’s administrative committee, the Metropolitan Bishops of Petra and Capitolida, are expected to arrive in Phanar on Monday. They may also be accompanied by the head secretary of the Synod, Archbishop of Konstantini, Aristarchos, and Archbishop of Iopi, Damaskinos. Furthermore, yesterday Eirinaios voiced his intention to attend the Pan-Orthodox Synod, while he also declared that he is still a Patriarch. In addition, as per information, he had a secret meeting with the sons of Israeli PM Ariel Sharon yesterday morning.


the information is taken from the Greek medium: