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The Serbs and the Greeks have collected 25 million euros for the tomos of Jovan Vraniškovski ( 31.05.2005 )

For the tomos of Jovan, as part of the operation to annihilate the Macedonian Orthodox Church, according to diplomatic sources, the Serbs were given by the Greeks around 25 million euros – 15 for renovation of the monastery of Hilendar (Mt Athos), that had been damaged in a fire, and 10 for the bishops and the intelligence services of the army of Serbia and Montenegro.


The operation planning for the installment of Jovan’s church in Macedonia, according to these sources, started two years ago in Athens. It was settled by the Serbian general Aca Tomić, a man exceptionally close to the Serbian prime minister Voislav Koštunica, and Bishop Iriney of Bačka, with hierarchs of the Greek Archdiocese. It was agreed through a change of the name of the Macedonian Orthodox Church to come to the main objective: a change of the name of the Republic of Macedonia. Six months ago, according to Kanal 5 sources, the operation of a final blow against the MOC started with granting a tomos—that is, recognition of Jovan’s church. For this purpose, the Belgrade intelligence agency BIA was given the assignment to awaken the Serbian installations in Macedonia to work on a breakup of the unity of the hierarchs in the Synod of the Macedonian Orthodox Church regarding the firmness in the stand not to accept the change of the Church’s name. According to these diplomatic sources, for that purpose, in Macedonia, through a Macedonian company money was transferred and the Serbian network was activated, the bases in which are a Macedonian retired intelligence agent, a retired university professor, a renowned businessman, and one journalist. For the time being, Jovan was given the tomos, the renovation of the damaged Serbian monastery on Mount Athos is in full swing…


information taken from the Macedonian television Kanal 5:Македонија&idR=1