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Patriarch Alexey II does not approve of the creation of a parallel hierarchy in Macedonia by the Serbian Patriarchate ( 02.06.2005 )

The issue about the relations between the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate and the Macedonian Orthodox Church was touched at a meeting with representatives of the Coordinative Committee of the International Forum “Cultural and Historical Traditions of Cooperation among the State Authorities, Social Institutes and the Orthodox Church”, held on June 1, 2005 — informs the official website of the Russian Orthodox Church. Answering the question of the Greek delegation members, Patriarch Alexey II commented on the situation in the Macedonian Orthodox Church, saying among else: “When Patriarch Pavle turned to me, saying there was a project of creation of certain parallel hierarchy for the Macedonian Church, I told him not to do that, but to preserve church unity with all our powers and in all ways. A parallel hierarchy is a road to deepening of the split”. He also noted that this situation calls for a compromise and expressed his hope that the split, which divided the Orthodox Slavic nations, will be overcome. 

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