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On behalf of the Diocesan Assembly and Executive Board of the American-Canadian Macedonian Orthodox Diocese ( 12.06.2005 )






Your Beatitude,

Your Eminences,


We have been vigilantly following the latest scandalous events with the non-canonical infringement of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the affairs of our Macedonian Orthodox Church, recognizing a parallel church in the Republic of Macedonia. Therefore, on behalf of the Diocesan Assembly and Executive Board of the American-Canadian Macedonian Orthodox Diocese, the parish boards, the clergy, the faithful in the Macedonian Orthodox Churches within the Diocese, and our behalf, we wish to declare the subsequent:


With indignation and contempt, we condemn and reject the decision of the Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church to recognize the so-called “autonomous Archbishphoric of Ohrid.” This is a false movement to deny our church and dissolve our national identity. More than any other before in history, the decision of the Serbian Orthodox Church only proves the manifestation of the greater Serbian, hegemonic, nationalistic, ethno-phyletism mentality. Furthermore, not only is their deed not supported by church canons, it also goes against all the moral principles on which we base the Orthodox Church.


Once again we bestow our loyalty and wholehearted support to the Holy Synod of our Macedonian Orthodox Church in her efforts to keep her autocephalous status, name, spiritual unity, and integrity. This also means preservation of our national identity as the Republic of Macedonia.


We assure you that the Macedonian Orthodox clergy and faithful from the North American Diaspora are strongly integrated under the wing of the Omofor of their Mother Church – The Holy Macedonian Orthodox Church of St. Clement. In this context, we invite our brothers and sisters in nationality and faith in the Republic of Macedonia and in the Diaspora to continue to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd – the voice of our Mother Church, and not the voice of deserters and false prophets.


In addition, we appeal to government representatives of the Republic of Macedonia, through legal measures, to bring to an end to the schismatic tendencies of the movement of the deserter Zoran Vranishkovski and his small flock so that there is no disbanding among our faithful and hindrance of our spiritual and national existence.


And in conclusion, on behalf of the Diocesan Assembly and Executive Board of the ACMOD, we pray the following: “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Mathew 5:16)


We ask for a holy archpastoral blessing, to your Beatitude and to the Holy Synod of Hierarchs, your humble and all dedicated children in the name of the Lord. 


Assistant to the Archbishop

Archpriest Fr. Branko Postolovski


Vice President or the ACMOD Assembly,

Boris Velovski