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Consecration of the new Episcope of the Macedonian Orthodox Church in the Skopje cathedral ( 21.06.2005 )

On the third day of Pentecost, in the cathedral of Saint Clement of Ohrid, during the Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy officiated by Archbishop Stephen of Ohrid and Macedonia and his concelebrants Metropolitan Cyril of Polog and Kumanovo, Metropolitan Peter of Prespa and Pelagonia, Metropolitan Timothy of Debar, Kičevo and Plaošnik, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica, and Metropolitan Agathangel of Bregalnica, as well as the archimandrites and the numerous clergy of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, the archimandrite Methodius was consecrated into episcopacy. The newly consecrated Episcope distributed Communion to the numberless faithful who participated at the Divine Liturgy. At this consecration among the present were the prime minister of the Republic of Macedonia Government, Mr. Vlado Bučkovski; the president of the Commission for Relations with the Religious Communities and Groups, Mr. Cane Mojanoski; the deputy minister of culture, Ms. Melpomeni Korneti; the rector of the Skopje “Saints Cyril and Methodius” University; the mayors of the Skopje municipalities; representatives of MANU (Macedonian Academy of Science and Arts) and of other state and cultural institutions. At the formal banquet organized in the Nerezi monastery of Saint Pateleimon, the newly consecrated Episcope Methodius of Velika welcomed Their Excellencies Mr. Agaron Asatur and Mr. Grigore Gherceanu, the ambassadors of the Russian Federation and of the Republic of Romania to the Republic of Macedonia, respectively, who congratulated him on the rank.