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Russia ( 17.07.2006 )

On the eve of 17 July 2006, Orthodox Russia commemorated once again the tragic event of the murder in Yekaterinburg of the holy royal martyrs. For several years now on this night, in the church built on the site of their shooting, an all-night Vigil and Divine Liturgy are performed, at which gather a great number of faithful from the whole Russia. This year the service was officiated by Archbishop Vincent of Yekaterinburg and his concelebrant Metropolitan Timothy of the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem, who brought to Yekaterinburg a particle of the Life-giving Cross of the Lord. Since the church takes in a small number of people, the service was broadcast live. After the end of the service, at about 6 am, a Procession set off from the church to the site at Ganyina Pit where the remnants of the holy royal martyrs had been destroyed, where there is now a monastery consecrated to their honor. The “Royal Days” in 2005 gathered around 10,000 participants, and this year there were around 15,000 locals and pilgrims at the twenty-kilometer Procession. They arrived in the monastery some time at 10 am, to attend the Service of Supplication and the Divine Liturgy. The services in honor of the holy royal martyrs in the church in Yekaterinburg and in the monastery at ganyina Pit on July 17 were held throughout the day. There were processions and services held in honor of the royal martyrs in Kiev, Simferopol, and other cities in Russia.