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Karelian Representatives proposing one of the islands in the Valaam Archipelago to be named as His Holiness Patriarch Alexy Island ( 30.01.2009 )

The Parliament of Karelia ordered the Committee of Delegates for State Organisation connected to the Local Self-governing and National Policy, to prepare a Proposal of Law by which the island Skitskoy from the Valaam Archipelago in Ladoga Lake shall be renamed as Island of Patriarch Alexy II. This happened at the day of January 29th, 2009. 

The initiative for the renaming of the island comes from the humanitarian association of the Valaam Ascension – Transfiguration Monk Monastery, which was governed by Patriarch Alexy II.

Most of the delegates didn’t oppose such proposal: it was confirmed at the session of the Karelian Parliament that Patriarch Alexy II was often coming in that republic, and gave his great contribution in the strengthening of the Orthodoxy in the Northern part of Russia, and for the renovation of the Valaam brotherhood.

After a tempest discussion, 30 representatives of the Parliament passed the conclusion a Proposal of the Law to be prepared and the memory of  Patriarch Alexy II be immortalised. Only 5 members of the Parliament were against this proposal. 


Source: Патриархиа.ру