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The Patriarch of Constantinople invited Russian Patriarch Cyril to visit Istanbul ( 03.02.2009 )

The representative of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, Archbishop of Crete Irineaus, on behalf of Patriarch Bartholomew I, handed today an invitation call to the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril to visit Istanbul.

Patriarch Cyril received the invitation from the Patriarch of Constantinople with gratefulness, and expressed his readiness to visit Istanbul according to the possibilities, to “determine the roads of dialogue between the two churches” in a “brotherly common spirit.”  

Patriarch Cyril accented also, that the dialogue between the Constantinople and Moscow Patriarchates “develops in a particularly active manner lately” noticing the last meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew I from October 2008 as very important. In October 2008, a conference of the Heads of Orthodox Churches from all over the world took place in Istanbul. The date of the possible visit of Patriarch Cyril to Istanbul was not agreed today.


Source: Interfax