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Georgian Patriarch Elijah II at Medical Examinations in Germany ( 05.02.2009 )

The Head of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Elijah II left to Germany at February the 4th. Medical examinations will be undertaken over Patriarch Elijah, in the Clinics of Berlin, the same where Patriarch Elijah had the operation of bypass on the coronary artery, some months ago.

The doctors of the Clinic claimed that this decision has been made in consultation between German and Georgian doctors, despite the stable condition of His Holiness heart.

On November the 3rd, 2008, the bypassing of the coronary artery of patriarch Elijah has been executed, and such necessity appeared after the angina-logical examination has been made in one of the main Berlin Cardiovascular Clinics, during his visit of Germany. 


 Source: Патриархиа.ру