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The Crew of the International Space Station gives regards to Russian Patriarch Cyril in the Occasion of his Enthronement ( 06.02.2009 )

On February the 5th the elected Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Cyril talked to the crew of the International Space station via direct connection.

The Russian member of the 18th crew of the International Space station, engineer J. V. Lonchakov saluted the Russian Patriarch in the occasion of his enthronement and wished him God’s help in his Patriarchy service.     

The last month Patriarch Cyril, who was a Throne Keeper in that time, spoke to the astronauts and send them his greetings in the occasion of the Nativity of Christ. Congratulating the common feast to Lonchakov, Patriarch then spoke in English with the American part of the crew on the International Space station, the astronauts Sanda Magnus and Mike Fink.