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The supporters of the legalisation of euthanasia are imposing a “new totalitarianism to the society” – considers the representative of Moscow Patriarchate ( 10.02.2009 )

The authorities of the Russian Orthodox Church declared disagreement with the legalisation of euthanasia “as one of the forms of suicide.”

“Proposals of legalisation of euthanasia is a desertion from freedom. It’s peculiar, even strange such calls to be listened, because such calls are in their substance new forms of totalitarianism, intruding of certain relations to the new forms of suicide on a legal level by some so called legal experts.” – declared in Tuesday the Secretary of Foreign Church Relations, priest George Ryabih. He considers that the supporters of legalisation of euthanasia are in a fact “trying to force someone to make a suicide” – in a contrary of modern principle of ”free choice”, regarding this matter. The Church, - continues father George Ryabin – by denying strongly the euthanasia as “a form of suicide”, shows in this occasion a lot more respect to the “man’s freedom”, than some legal experts, looking for a legal solution of such an act. The priest accented that the modern legislative doesn’t forbid the leaving from life by making suicide by own choice, people make such a decision by their own will, and as a result from many such acts the governments “in some countries including the most developed are deeply upset.” The position of Church in such cases is “to call the attention of man’s consciousness” – according to father George’s words.

“In the case rights of euthanasia become legal, the society will face many unnecessary limitations. In example, doctors would be obliged to execute it, despite their own desire not to do such a move, because of the rules of such a law. Besides, by bringing such a question in legal sphere, we practically encourage the tendency of making suicide in the society.”

Father George Ryabin appeals to have on mind that “the Church always and forever comes out against the support of every kind of evil and sin, so the question of saving or denying the life of any human being shall be treated out of the legal fields, and be a conscious choice of every human.”       

By this, we will provide higher level of freedom to humans, better than the one suggested by the experts of law” – declared the representative of Moscow Patriarchate.


Source: Интерфакс