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A Monastery dedicated to Holy Patriarch Ambrose was established in the area of Tbilisi ( 28.03.2009 )

With bless of the Patriarch of all Georgia Elijah II, at the territory of previous botanical garden at the bank of Tbilisi sea, was founded a male monastery dedicated to the Holy Patriarch Ambrose.

Custodian of this monastery is archimandrite Sabas (Kuchava).

The celebrating service in honour of Saint Ambrose will take place at March, the 29th, which is the day of the memory of St. Ambrose.

Patriarch Ambrose was born in a clerical family, in the year of 1861, in the west Georgian village of Martvili.

He graduated the Tbilisi Spiritual seminary in 1888. He was working as a priest in Sochi and Sukhumi. Since the death of his wife in 1897, he admitted the Kazan Spiritual Academy. While studying the academy, he received the rank of a monk and the name Ambrose. He graduated at the Academy in the year 1901 as a nominee for Theology, defending his final diploma work: “The fight between Christianity and Islam in Georgia.” The work of Father Ambrose was highly rated, and it was suggested to him to furnish the theme, and apply for M. A. degree with the same theme. He preferred to return to his fatherland, instead.

After he returned to Georgia in 1902, he was promoted in a rank of archimandrite and was nominated to be a custody of the Chelishi Monastery. Later on, in 1904 he the Synod moved him to Tbilisi, nominating him as a custody in the Holy Transfiguration Monastery. He was expelled from Georgia in 1905 due to his participation in the movement for autocephaly of the Georgian Orthodox Church, first in the Ryazan Monastery of the Holy Trinity, and later in the Novgorod’s Eparchy. He came back to Georgia in 1917.

He was ordained as Bishop Chkondidi on October 15th, 1917, and in 1918 was moved to the Sukhumi-Abkhazian cathedra in a rank of Metropolitan.            

In September 1921, at the Assembly of the Georgian Orthodox Church father Ambrose was elected as a Patriarch of all Georgia.

He spoke to the participants of the International Conference in Genoa (Italy), in the year 1922, disclosing the Bolshevik governing and calling to a referendum for withdrawal of the Red army from Georgia.

Soon after, he was arrested. On March 19th, 1924 he was charged for “counter-revolutionary” activity and sentenced to a 7 year prison. However, due to the vast attempts of the believers and of the Throne Keeper of the Georgian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Christopher

for his freedom, he was released.

Anyway, he was placed under home arrest, without any right of public Service to God. Some rumours existed, stating that he was killed under demand of the government, so that in order to avoid such suspicions he was allowed to perform a service, but he fell down hit by a heart attack while servicing. He was transported to the Patriarchy Residency but passed away after several days, at the day of 16/29 March 1927.

In September 1996, Patriarch Ambrose was canonised at the General Assembly of the Georgian Orthodox Church.     




Source: Патриархиа.ру