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Russian Patriarch Cyril met President Barack Obama ( 09.07.2009 )

At July the 7th, in the big Castle of Kremlin, His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril has met President of the USA, Barack Obama.

Saluting Patriarch Cyril, President Obama expressed his high regards of having met the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, as he noticed the great importance which the Religious institutions and particularly the Russian Orthodox Church have in Russian society.

Russian Patriarch Cyril on the other hand has emphasized that he was highly respecting the opportunity to meet the President of the United States. According to his words, not only the contacts of the political leaders but the cordial relationship between the peoples of the two countries are very important for development the further relations.

“To prevent any Anti-American disposition in Russia or Anti-Russian in the States, it is necessary to rely to our hearts. Here in Russia, we do have an exceptional potential for that. Russian Orthodox Church transferred the Orthodoxy to the American continent, so we develop excellent relations with our Orthodox brothers there. Even in the hard times of the “Cold War” we were making our maximal efforts to keep the good relationships” – noticed Patriarch Cyril.

“It is very important nowadays that both American and Russian people respect the Christian values of life. We are the most religious nations, and it is crucial that we keep the open dialogue between the Christians of the two countries, because our two people have to be associated in Christianity.” – stated Patriarch Cyril.

Mr. Obama noted the contribution of Patriarch Cyril in strengthening the Christian unity between the two countries, and expressed his readiness for cooperation with the Russian Orthodox Church.

Cherishing the meeting, Russian Patriarch Cyril gave the Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God as a present to President Barack Obama.

The Press Service of the Moscow Patriarchy

Source: патриархиа.ру