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The Patriarchate of Constantinople appraise the Metropolitan of Kiev Vladimir to be a spiritual leader of Orthodox Ukrainians ( 07.10.2009 )

The Patriarchate of Constantinople evaluates Metropolitan of Kiev and whole Ukraine Vladimir to be the spiritual leader of all Orthodox Ukrainians. The representatives of the Constantinople’s Patriarchate, visiting Kiev in the last Monday, during their meeting with Metropolitan Vladimir accented that “the personality of Metropolitan Vladimir unites all the Orthodox believers in Ukraine, notwithstanding the jurisdictions they belong” - publicises the site of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.


The representatives of the Constantinople’s Patriarchate expressed their gratitude to the Head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church “for all his efforts in bringing together the Orthodox believers in Ukraine”, and proclaimed that the aim of their visit of Ukraine is the schism in Ukraine to be prevailed. They also accented that the presence of the Ecumenical Patriarch in this process will not be onesided, but will develop further primarily in cooperation with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.


Metropolitan Vladimir, in his authority, awarded the guests and the President of the public organisation “For Local Ukraine” Mr. Petar Juscenko with jubilee medals “450 years anniversary from the bringing of the Pocaevskaya Icon of the Most Holy Mother of God in Volina”.


The Gallic Metropolitan Emanuel, the Secretary General of the Holy Synod Elpidophor, and the priest Basil Papatanasiou (as a translator) took presence on this meeting. They also met the President of Ukraine Viktor Juscenko, and the Head of the unrecognised by the Orthodox world Kiev Patriarchate Filaret Denisenko. At this meeting with the delegation from Constantinople, the Ukrainian President underlined “the need of deepening and widening of the Church dialogue, in order to overcome the inter-orthodox disagreements and a unique Ukrainian Orthodox Church to be established” – announced the Press Service of the Ukrainian President.


Source: Дверибг.нет