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Appeal for Andrej ( 08.01.2007 )

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Our child, the four-year-old Andrej Zdravkovski, born on 3 July 2002, is ill with brain stem glioma, which is not subject to surgery and grows fast. Therefore it is necessary to take the child immediately to the USA in order for him to undergo an intensive medical treatment.


The only hope for his recuperation is the Bursynski Clinic in Houston, Texas.


Since it is a very expensive medical treatment (US$ 7,500 per month), and it is a longlasting one (at least 18 months), we need financial aid.


Therefore we turn to you with an urgent appeal for money donation within your means. The life of our four years old child depends on all of us!


Contributions can be paid into the following account:



210 046645310119
No. 8271-210501558889086
Tutunska Banka-Skopje


Thank you in advance for your compassion and humaneness

Stojan and Nataša Zdravkovski

16a Probištipska St.