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To the Holy Synod of Hierarchs of the Greek Orthodox Church ( 28.01.2008 )

For our citizenship is in heaven,

 from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior,

the Lord Jesus Christ  

(Phil. 3:20)




Your, Your High Graces, Your Graces,

Dear brothers in Christ the Savior,


With great sorrow, we have received the news of the repose of the Head of the Greek Orthodox Church, the Archbishop of Athens and of Greece, kyr Christodulos.

In the name of the Holy Bishop's Synod of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, we express our sincere condolences to You, brother Hierarchs, to the clergy, the monkshood, and the faithful children of Your Holy Church, as well as our great pain and sorrow.  

With the death of Archbishop Christodulos, not only Your Holy Church, but also the whole of the Orthodox world has lost a very important person, a God-inspired shepherd and a Christ-like arch-Hierarch, filled with love for God and for the fellow men, who has spent his life as a good shepherd, tirelessly working on the Lord's field.

Archbishop Christodulos, being the Head of the Greek Orthodox Church, has been recognized as a charismatic shepherd in the last decade, completely dedicated to the contemporary needs of His flock in the Helladic lands. Many of His works and attitudes had a universal value, and we believe that they will contribute to Christianity and to humanity for many years to come.

We have followed the last months of is life with constant prayers and compassion. For us, Archbishop Christodulos' struggle with His serious illness, and his heroism during this period, have become an image of a humble and martyrious climbing towards Golgotha. We pray the Resurrected Lord may give Him a bright abode of rest, where there is no sorrow, misery, ache, or sigh.

Memory eternal, and God forgive His soul.