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The issue of the Orthodox magazine "Premin" № 55-56 comes out ( 20.01.2009 )

The efforts of the Orthodox periodical Premin today are with an emphasised tendency toward revelation of the authentic Orthodoxy before the Macedonian reader in the present faced with the challenges of the mundane life in utter crisis… and at the same time toward the full following the fruitful spiritual tradition of the Church in Macedonia, the ancient Ohrid Archdiocese, throughout the centuries.


Editor-in-chief: Sister Makrina Popovska

Editorial staff/contributors: Metropolitan of Strumica Nahum, Venko Andonovski PhD., Jane Kodžabašija PhD., Goran Veličkovski; Janko Ilkovski; Tanja Bitoljanu Plavšić, Olivera Pavlović, Kalina Trpeska and others. 

Design: Marjan Sin  

Printed by: 11 Oktomvri, Prilep



In this issue magazine “Premin” grants a CD - documentary film “The Great Secret of Water” produced by “Mастерская”.

The magazine “Premin” can be ordered on the following link: