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The Feast of St. John the Baptist ( 25.01.2009 )

On the feastday of St. John the Baptist, in the church which is dedicated to St. John the Baptist in Skopje, the Archbishop of Ohrid and Macedonia Stephen together with Metropolitan of Povardarie Agathangel and Metropolitan of Bregalnica Hilarion, celebrated a Hierarch’s Divine Liturgy.

“Today’s holiday – noticed the Head of MOC – the Holy Church has established in accordance to the practice of celebration of the great days and events, to celebrate those who have participated in such events in such days, as well… St. John the Baptist is the Saint mostly celebrated in the Calendar of the Orthodox Church. Seven feastdays are to be celebrated in his honour, even: the Conception, the Birth, the Behaeding, then the First and the Second finding of his head, the move of his hand from Sebastia to Antiochia, and today’s Synaxis of St. John. Also, each Tuesday of the week is dedicated to St. John the Baptist.”        













Reporting: Kalina Trpeska