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Synodal palace of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Sophia, February 8 ( 10.02.2005 )



            At the request of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, on February 8, 2005, in the Synodal palace in Sophia, a meeting-talk took place between the Theological commission of the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church: Metropolitan Dometian of Vidin, Metropolitan Neophyte of Ruse, Metropolitan Ilarion of Dorostol, and the chief secretary to the Holy Synod, the archimandrite Naum; and the delegation of the Macedonian Orthodox Church: Metropolitan Timothy of Debar and Kičevo, Metropolitan Nahum of Strumica, Metropolitan Agathangel of Bregalnica, and the secretary to the Holy Synod of Hierarchs, the proto-deacon Ratomir Grozdanoski, PhD.

            At this meeting, which was held in the spirit of the evangelical love and brotherly understanding, the issue was reviewed of finding ways and means to develop the good relations between the two local Churches. The participants in the talks are convinced that this meeting will aid toward the all-Orthodox unity, the healing of the relations between the Orthodox Churches, keeping and fulfilling the commandments of the Head Shepherd Christ – the Head of the Church.

            Only by fulfillment of the evangelical commandment of love we can bear witness to our faith and to the eternal Truth in the contemporary world.

            We hope that, with God’s help and support, such fruitful meetings and talks will continue in future.


from the Office of

the Holy Synod of Hierarchs

of the Macedonian Orthodox Church