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Russian Patriarch Cyril received a delegation of the Georgian Orthodox Church ( 03.07.2009 )

On Wednesday, at July the 1st a meeting of the Russian Patriarch Cyril with the official delegation of the Georgian Orthodox Church, took place in the working residence of HH Patriarch Cyril. Georgian delegation arrived in Moscow at June the 30th.

Expressing his cordial welcome to the guests from Georgia, Patriarch Cyril announced that he received a letter from the Georgian Patriarch Ilya the Second informed him about the arrival of the delegation in Moscow. “I am very glad to notice the possibility of renewing the dialogue between us, which is going very well recently” – stated patriarch Cyril. “I hope that your visit of Moscow will be a new positive step on the road of the development of brotherhood relationship between our two Churches, and of improvement of the relations between our two countries.”

“Today, Churches are capable to receive the main role in building the spiritual bridge, which is necessary to keep the brotherhood relations between our two people on a high level” – stated Archbishop Hillarie.  – Both Russian and Georgian Church are prepared for such cooperation and a readiness for renewing of the broken connections exists on the both sides.”

The Press Service of the Moscow Patriarchy